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Logan Der Film

Logan – The Wolverine. 2 Std. 17 ballad-livinglabs.eu-Sci-Fi und -Fantasy. Im Jahr Dieser Film ist Brutal. Besetzung. Hugh JackmanPatrick StewartBoyd. Logan - The Wolverine. Logan. USA, FilmSuperheldenActionDrama. In der Zukunft sieht sich Wolverine mit. Mutant Logan alias Wolverine spürt, dass er sich dem Ende seines sehr langen Lebens nähert. Seine Heilfähigkeit verblasst langsam. Doch in einer Welt, die sich verändert hat und in der die Population an Mutanten deutlich zurückgegangen ist, wird.

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Mutant Logan alias Wolverine spürt, dass er sich dem Ende seines sehr langen Lebens nähert. Seine Heilfähigkeit verblasst langsam. Doch in einer Welt, die sich verändert hat und in der die Population an Mutanten deutlich zurückgegangen ist, wird. Logan – The Wolverine – Wikipedia. Logan - The Wolverine ein Film von James Mangold mit Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart. Inhaltsangabe: In der Welt des Jahres sind Mutanten Geschichte. 39 Userkritiken zum Film Logan - The Wolverine von James Mangold mit Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Dafne Keen - ballad-livinglabs.eu Logan – The Wolverine. 2 Std. 17 ballad-livinglabs.eu-Sci-Fi und -Fantasy. Im Jahr Dieser Film ist Brutal. Besetzung. Hugh JackmanPatrick StewartBoyd. Mit dem zweiten Wolverine-Sequel Logan bekommt Hugh Jackmann als bekanntestes X-Men-Mitglied sein drittes und zugleich letztes Solo-Abenteuer. James "Logan" Howlett aka "Wolverine" ist der berühmteste Mutant des X-Men-​Universums. Hier seht ihr alle Wolverine-Filme in.

Logan Der Film

James "Logan" Howlett aka "Wolverine" ist der berühmteste Mutant des X-Men-​Universums. Hier seht ihr alle Wolverine-Filme in. Im Film "Logan" fährt Hugh Jackmann als mittlerweile gealterter Wolverine noch ein letztes Mal die Krallen aus. Klickt hier um mehr zu erfahren. 39 Userkritiken zum Film Logan - The Wolverine von James Mangold mit Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Dafne Keen - ballad-livinglabs.eu Logan Der Film Sein alter, schwer kranker Freund Professor X, mit dem zusammen er sich nahe der mexikanischen Grenze versteckt hält, bittet ihn um Hilfe: Gemeinsam müssen sie sich eines jungen Mädchens annehmen, das bei ihnen Zuflucht gesucht hat. Sie ist schlicht und ergreifend einfach das, was den Film letztlich so gut macht: Sie ist pure Konsequenz. Doch es ist gar Viviane Schmitt so leicht, diese wieder zu verlassen. Watch the most awaited trailer of the year: 'Logan' the film! Im Februar bestätigte Patrick Stewart seine Beteiligung an dem Film [8] und betonte im Augustdass er eine zentrale Rolle Pietro Savastano werde und schloss somit einen gewöhnlichen Cameoauftritt aus. Am Pakt 2 Online war die düstere Atmosphäre, die depressive Grundstimmung der Figuren mit ihrer Hoffnungslosigkeit und Logans kaum verhohlener Todessehnsucht ja noch ganz interessant. Eine packende Crime-Story, erzählt in nur einem einzigen Take?

In a future where mutants are nearly extinct, an elderly and weary Logan leads a quiet life. But when Laura, a mutant child pursued by scientists, comes to him for help, he must get her to safety.

In the mutant population has shrunken significantly due to genetically modified plants designed to reduce mutant powers and the X-Men have disbanded.

Logan, whose power to self-heal is dwindling, has surrendered himself to alcohol and now earns a living as a chauffeur. He takes care of the ailing old Professor X whom he keeps hidden away.

One day, a female stranger asks Logan to drive a girl named Laura to the Canadian border. At first he refuses, but the Professor has been waiting for a long time for her to appear.

Laura possesses an extraordinary fighting prowess and is in many ways like Wolverine. She is pursued by sinister figures working for a powerful corporation; this is because they made her, with Logan's DNA.

A decrepit Logan is forced to ask himself if he can or even wants to put his remaining powers to good use. Believe the hype, Logan is a seriously amazing comic book film that just may be the best ever made and embodies the definition of a perfect adaptation.

Let's cut to the chase, shall we? Set free of a PG rating, this wildly kinetic film has plenty of gore, action and violence pumping through its veins.

But what makes this one of the finest superhero movies ever produced is the big, messy, somewhat broken heart beating at its core. Set in a grim near-future where very few mutants remain alive, we meet an unthinkable incarnation of our favourite enclawed superhero: one who's decidedly past his prime.

This is not the near-immortal Wolverine we remember, but Logan Jackman : a broken, far older man who feels the weight of every wound inflicted upon him.

His once- formidable body — tattooed with scars that aren't healing as fast or as well as they used to — seems to be failing. It's only his determination to keep the ailing, ageing Professor Charles Xavier Stewart safe and alive that never falters.

The film's plot kicks into overdrive when Logan's fate becomes entangled with that of Laura Keen , a close-to-feral young girl who brandishes claws and fury as fierce and lethal as Logan's own.

As the unlikely trio go on the run, we see echoes of Logan himself in Laura's terrifying rage and the tentative emotional connection she forges with Xavier.

It's one of many smart moves on the part of James Mangold, who does double duty as director and co-writer. Bringing Laura into the picture allows him to explore Logan's trauma, regret and hope through the filter of this pint-sized powerhouse's origin story.

In effect, Mangold has placed an intimate family drama squarely at the heart of this ostensible blockbuster film — strip the characters of their superpowers and LOGAN would still pulse with plenty of heartbreak and humanity.

Logan keeps dragging himself through the world when one suspects all he wants to do is die. Xavier grapples with his own frailty as his once-sharp mind deteriorates and betrays him, again and again.

Laura is a tough, tender mess of contradictions: a victim of horrific abuse but also a warrior in the making. Watching them interact — fighting, screaming, arguing, glaring and, once in a while, forgiving — will elicit laughter and tears lots of tears , in a way that no other superhero film to date has quire managed.

Far from it. It proves, quite conclusively, that films in this genre can plumb the darkest of psychological depths while finding welcome ways to leaven the misery.

Note: this is something Zack Snyder would do well to learn as he continues to expand DC's largely mirthless cinematic universe.

Mangold threads moments of genuine humour into the proceedings — from casual shoplifting and runaway horses, to an ornery old man who refuses to take his pills.

The violence that's on full, bloody display is dark and horrible, but somehow fitting for this film in which there really are consequences for battles fought and lost.

It's only when you see Logan's claws plunging into flesh, shearing cleanly through meat and bone, that you realise just how neutered and family-friendly his earlier outings were.

There's a slow-motion sequence halfway through the film, as Logan struggles to get to an embattled Xavier, that's gritty and beautiful to watch — as thrilling as that scene-stealing Quicksilver moment in X-Men: Days Of Future Past.

And it goes without saying that watching Laura gracefully spin and slice her way through oncoming attackers manages to be terribly wrong and wonderfully right at the same time.

To be quite frank, none of this would work without the incredible cast, all of them doing award-worthy work that will, sadly, be overlooked because their characters have such silly things as 'powers'.

It's truly unsettling to watch Stewart dig beneath his natural gravitas to find the shaken core of a Professor X who's semi-consciously losing grip of his mind — the best and most dangerous mind in the universe.

Keen is a revelation. Grabbing this breakout role by the throat and making it very much her own, she somehow manages to convey Laura's childish fragility and overpowering strength, often in the same breath.

And, finally, there's Jackman. He's been training for and playing the role that catapulted him to global stardom for 17 years now, and he brings everything he has to this final outing as Logan.

He nails Logan's physical tics, of course: from his grizzled and aged demeanour, to his rattling cough and copious drinking.

But Jackman also takes delight in unearthing the dark sadness at the heart of this once invincible, now vulnerable man. There is a hope and purity in Logan that doesn't always show through his wisecracks, but it shines brightly and unexpectedly here — often in the film's saddest moments.

There are a handful of things about the film don't work quite so well. The main antagonists, played by Richard E. Grant and Boyd Holbrook, are largely forgettable — there's not much that defines them outside their nefarious goals.

As many viewers may be turned off by Logan's relentless misery and eye-popping violence as those who welcome it. It manages to be several things at once: a bruising action film, a tender family drama and an intimate character study, liberally shaken through with comic-book sensibilities and a Western or two.

If Jackman really is hanging up his claws for good, there could be no better way to bid farewell to one of Marvel's most enduring and appealing characters.

UMWolvie 18 February Holy Cow! We've finally got the Wolverine movie we've all been waiting for and then some! Mangold has nailed the character and the action, and Hugh Jackman is truly a part of a Wolverine movie that has showcased the true character that the fans had hoped to see full on.

Yes, we've seen superb runs and flashes but nothing this deep or this epic. How could any movie fan in general not just adore this film?

It brought elements of a lot of great genres. Logan has to be considered genre-defining. The characters, action and story were all beyond outstanding in this movie.

We are taken for a ride and can relate to Logan once again. The acting is superb and the dialogue is perfect for the level of each character.

Every single character feels believable. You follow the story through Logan's eyes and what a ride it turns out to be. This movie is emotional and moving in every single way that matters and is unique and is as far away from anything X-Men we've seen before.

In this case, that's a very good thing. The fight scenes and pace are superb. I honestly could see Oscar nominations here on multiple fronts.

This movie is sophisticated and delivers a grand, tragic story. The action fits in nice but serves the story first.

Unlike other "dark" films, the tone is perfect and fits the character. The supporting characters are utilized in a comprehensive and cohesive manner and are wonderful in and of themselves.

I loved everything about this movie and they left it as if this was the perfect end to Hugh's run. Well i guess he couldn't have ended it in any better way as a last farewell to the fans and his signature role.

Not only that but it looks like this one blows all the other superhero movies out of the water and i hope you Weebs go pay for your ticket to see this as well instead of watching a cam version online so we send the message that we want more of these kind of movies.

This is a wolverine movie aimed at adults and definitely not for small children. The story is set in the future and Logan is taking care of Charles Xavier who has grown old and is incapable of taking care of himself.

Logan, himself is now older and his health is slowly deteriorating as well. A young girl mutant enters their lives which sets off a story, which is not about super heroes fighting bad guys, but one that is on a more human level.

This is the crowning achievement in Hugh Jackman's role as Wolverine. It is the movie he and director, James Mangold had always wanted to make.

This was a grind to get through, just a sad story about the end of some great characters lives. Logan is living in a hideout near the U.

S Mexico border caring for the ailing professor X and working as a chauffeur. He is angry, mean, exhausted, addicted to pills and alcohol, his body is failing and he's just fed up with the world.

Patrick Stewart as X is now a bumbling useless old man, on drugs to control his "spells. Anyways trudging through, this ends in a road trip into Mexico, lots of violence, Logan F bombs and is super grumpy.

More mutant kids show up, kinda like Mad Max, there is no humour or even a glimpse of hope. I can't understand why this particular story ever came to film or why the high ratings?

Ramascreen 17 February LOGAN is brutal, merciless and powerful. This is a character-driven superhero movie done right. I would even dare to say it's better than many of the previous X-Men installments and spinoffs.

And if this is indeed Hugh Jackman's final Wolverine movie, then my goodness, what a helluva way to go out in a blaze of glory. The story is set in the near future, mutants are thinning out.

They've either died or been hunted down. Logan's Hugh Jackman healing power is not as strong as it used to be.

He's old and weary and taking care of professor X Patrick Stewart in a hideout on the Mexican border, accompanied by Caliban Stephen Merchant.

But their attempt to hide from the world gets interrupted when dark forces arrive at their doorstep looking for a certain young little girl. Great move on the studio's and filmmakers' part to have this film be rated R because what we get here is Wolverine unleashed.

The violence is as graphic and fully exposed as you can imagine it to be. So just that aspect alone will excite the fanbase who's been wanting to see the destruction that could take place when Wolverine is really really angry.

Setting it on the border does allow the film to play with certain tones and color palette reminiscent to "Breaking Bad" for example, the film's ending however does provide a more vibrant environment as a base for an extremely bloody collision.

The writing is solid for a superhero film, it really digs deep into these beloved characters, how vulnerable they are, how they long for a world where people would just leave them be.

You truly feel for Xavier and Logan in a way that you never did in the previous X-Men movies, not only because they're now in their twilight years but there's also that father-son type of relationship that's tough love and endearing and then there's also the reluctant father daughter connection Logan has with X By the way, the little girl, Dafne Keen, who plays X is remarkable.

So much force, so much energy, so much roar, she's like a cheetah that just runs and slices and dices left and right without prejudice, what an incredible young talent.

This is a movie that gives you action to its fullest degree and an emotional journey that's uncompromising. The perfect film about the man who's the best at what he does but what he does isn't very nice.

GomezAddams 27 February In a rather bleak entry we see a Post X-Men Logan, something has happened and the mutants no longer exist or there is a few of them out there.

Director James Mangold chose to make the film almost colorless with much, much more character development than previous Wolverine and X-Men movies.

We see a tired character that no longer belongs in a world that has feared him for over a century. The movie is filled with gore and violence, but it does not feel forced at all in such an obscure movie.

Her-Excellency 17 March I really can't get how in the world people are rating this movie as highly as they are.

You would think they have never seen this done, and done better. For that very same reason we should be holding this movie to a higher standard, and not giving it an emotional pass.

Yes, imagine saying 'far-fetched' for a movie based on a comic! They spun and bent a bunch of things to get them to where they were in the year and tried to make it believable it wasn't.

Then, they try to impress upon your heartstrings Logan's connection or ties to the little girl, but the connection or ties are SILLY at best.

Not only the supposed ties between them are silly, but the entire plot is full of silly holes. Let me get this straight Yeah, sure.

Seriously, anyone who could get over that gaping ridiculousness and who can, after that, in good conscience give this movie anything above a 6 is just messing with you or has total fan-boy blinders on.

Nooo, not screaming. The rest of the acting was good. The members of the family they added as filler in the middle of the movie were the only ones IMO that you kind of cared about.

Even old Professor X had seen better days and you kind of wanted it to be over for him. It was just painful to watch, and I don't mean in a moving way where the film is made better, but in a painful oh god, kill him off already way.

The ending was unreal in how bad it was. Without giving too much away As for Hugh Jackman, he was good and played Logan like he always has done except maybe this time he looked older and more tired which was a good thing because it translated unto the screen and gave Wolverine some credibility.

Otherwise he was just there. The gushing over his acting this time around IMO is unwarranted, as he really didn't do anything that much different than he has on every other X-Men movie and if anyone disagrees, I defy them to point out what.

Props also to the action in the film, and to how it was filmed. The action scenes alone are what I imagine 'made' the movie for most people. All in all, I wasn't impressed.

Don't get me wrong - it wasn't a horribly BAD movie, I just don't agree that it was very good and I really don't agree with the overrating or the assessment that it is in ANY way a "masterpiece".

If you look at it just on paper, you would think that the people that are reacting to it in such a way have ONLY EVER watched comic-book movies in their lives and have now seen a drama sold as a comic-book movie and their brains are exploding as they process it as innovative and different.

In closing, I understand that Hugh Jackman is getting older, and the great dilemma was 'how exactly do you keep making movies with an actor who is aging, playing a character who is supposed to rejuvenate or heal'?

You don't. You kindly retire the character, as the creators of the franchise have chosen to do. A bad ending for a good character, was just bad cinema.

RIP Logan. My actual rating is 6. The final outing of Wolverine by Hugh Jackman is one unforgettable ride and one of the best comic-book movies in recent memory.

Directed by James Mangold-who was also at the helm of "The Wolverine" - Logan creates a character-driven, violent and emotional film, which benefits from its rated-r rating.

The acting, action and story of Logan are one-of-a-kinds in the superhero genre, as the cast, headed by Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart and newly- introduced Dafne Keen, play their characters to the fullest.

It is unlike any other X-Men film, definitely the best in the series and deserves the praise it's getting. When I saw the first trailer drop, headlined by Johnny Cash's "Hurt", I instantly knew we would be getting something different from everything else that has dropped since the first X-Men film in The brutality and intensity of the characters pay off in this almost two-and-a- half hour that redefines the superhero genre, and I hope pays dividends for future movies to come.

The introduction of X was a big win as well. She is played by Dafne Keen, and though doesn't say much, plays her role very well. Her connection with both Hugh and Patrick creates a family-orientated environment that makes the movie a whole lot better, especially seen in certain scenes.

Lastly, as much as I want the character of Wolverine to continue being played on the big screen, it would be better for everyone if they didn't re-cast the role, as no-one would be able to play the role much like the legendary Hugh Jackman.

Overall, Mangold and the cast, create a masterfully orchestrated film that will be remembered for years to come. Not only is it a great film, but it is the last time we will be able to appreciate and witness Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart in the X-Men universe.

I look at "Logan" as the "Alien 3" of the X-Men franchise. It basically gives a gigantic middle finger to everything that came before it.

It destroys everything the movie that proceeded it "Days of Future Past" accomplished. In "DOFP", all of mutant kind are about to be destroyed, but by the heroic actions of Logan himself, they survive.

Then, according to the film "Logan", they all get killed off a few years later anyways. It has been said that one of the big themes of "Logan" was disappointment.

I agree. I was very disappointed in this film. We are thrown into this terribly depressing future without a whole lot of explaining as to how we got here.

As I watched, I kept waiting for a scene where things were laid down for the audience. Am Ende war es für mich nur ein verunglücktes Roadmovie mit tragischen Todesfällen.

Sorry, aber Wolverine bzw. Logan und Dr. X hätten mMn. Isabelle D. Und das, obwohl der Film dazu Minuten Zeit gehabt hätte.

Am Anfang war die düstere Atmosphäre, die depressive Grundstimmung der Figuren mit ihrer Hoffnungslosigkeit und Logans kaum verhohlener Todessehnsucht ja noch ganz interessant.

Die Idee, zu zeigen, was aus den letzten verbliebenen X-Men geworden ist und den Stab sozusagen an eine neue Generation Mehr erfahren.

Es ist eher ein Superhelden Drama Genre als wie man es z. Er ist sehr blutig und düster. Die Actionszenen waren der Hammer Amar D. Klasse Film : Gefällt mir sehr.

Wie die Schauspielerin in einem Interview mit Variety bekanntgab, sprach sie akribisch vorbereitet und voller Vorfreude für die Rolle der krallenbewehrten jungen Mutantin vor.

NEWS - Reportagen. Die besten Filme auf Netflix Listen für alle Genres. Heute auf ProSieben: Der wohl brutalste Marvel-Blockbuster überhaupt — und richtig gut ist er noch dazu!

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Logan's Death Scene - Logan (2017) Movie Clip 4K Rotten Tomatoes. I've seen plenty of violent movies, heard plenty of f- bombs and seen plenty of nakedness on film. Ryan Reynolds posted an extended version of the teaser via Breaking Bad übersetzung YouTube channel Netflix Quiz day after the film's release. When Logan heard that his comic book would work in a similar way, my expectation was a little more. Tracking showed that the film opened with 85, screenings on Friday, which increased to about 95, on Saturday and Sunday, from a 9. He's old, he's broken down, he's Lavie Brautmode Hagen. In: Heavy. There is a lot of high-octane action in the movie. Was ist passiert? Dezember englisch. Im Mai bestätigte Kinberg den Beginn der Dreharbeiten. Aber dann zog sich das in der immer gleichen niedergedrückten Stimmung, den dunklen, entsättigten Bildern Die Inselärztin Fortsetzung Trostlosigkeit, Dreck und Müll ewig dahin, ohne Si-Centrum die Spannungskurve mal eine Schlenker nach oben machte. Metacriticabgerufen am Jackman hat Wort gehalten und sich an den Comics orientiert. Laura hat sich in Logans Limousine versteckt. Nicht zu vergleichen. Logan Der Film

Am August wurden die Dreharbeiten für beendet erklärt. Die Weltpremiere des Films war am Februar bei den Internationalen Filmfestspielen in Berlin.

März an, in Nordamerika einen Tag später. Den offiziellen und endgültigen Filmtitel Logan gab Jackman am 5. Oktober bekannt. Die Veröffentlichung des ersten Trailer erfolgte am Oktober Musikalisch unterlegt wurde er mit Hurt von Johnny Cash.

In den ersten 24 Stunden generierte der minütige Trailer mehr als 20 Millionen Aufrufe und übertraf somit sogar den ersten Trailer von Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

In der Fachpresse wurde der Trailer ausführlich besprochen und vom Empire Magazin Ende Dezember als bester Trailer des Jahres gekürt [27] sowie von weiteren Portalen als einer der besten Trailer des Jahres gelobt.

Kurz danach erschien beim Empire Magazin ein ausführlicher Artikel zum Film, in dem Regisseur Mangold zu Wort kam und der mehrere exklusive Szenenbilder enthielt.

Der sekündige Spot kostete 20th Century Fox ca. Bereits einen Tag zuvor wurden zwei TV-Spots ausgestrahlt.

Für den Juli wurde bekannt, dass Cliff Martinez den Soundtrack gestalten würde. Bei einem geschätzten Budget von 97 Mio.

US-Dollar spielte Logan bis zum April weltweit ,5 Mio. US-Dollar ein, davon alleine ,6 Mio. US-Dollar in den Vereinigten Staaten. Lediglich Deadpool mit ,1 Mio.

US-Dollar hatten mehr eingespielt. In: Deadline. November , abgerufen am In: IGN. September , abgerufen am Oktober amerikanisches Englisch.

In: Collider. Mai , abgerufen am In: Slash Film. Dezember , abgerufen am Dezember englisch. In: YouTube. August , abgerufen am In: MTV News.

Abgerufen am April , abgerufen am In: The Hollywood Reporter. In: Screen Rant. Oktober , abgerufen am In: Variety. In: Omega Underground.

Oktober , archiviert vom Original am Oktober ; abgerufen am In: Heavy. Oktober heavy. Oktober ]. Nicht mehr online verfügbar.

Info: Der Archivlink wurde automatisch eingesetzt und noch nicht geprüft. In: The Verge. März April Februar In: Empire. Oktober englisch.

In: lafdatv. Oktober lafdatv. Watch the most awaited trailer of the year: 'Logan' the film! In: gaming-grounds. Dezember deutsch.

In: The Hollywood News. Januar Most importantly, Logan has characters with which you identify and about whom you care.

It's not just 'great for a superhero movie', it's a great movie for any genre. Brian Truitt of USA Today said, "Easily the best Wolverine outing, Logan is [the] Dark Knight of the mutant-filled X-franchise, a gripping film that transcends the comic-book genre by saying something important.

Anthony Lane of The New Yorker was underwhelmed, commenting on the film's parallel with Shane, "These quiet images from Shane brand themselves on the mind, and the gunshots come as an overwhelming release, whereas when Logan and Laura unleash their furious scythes nothing feels settled or satisfied.

For all the breathless talk about how Logan transcends the superhero genre, there's nothing groundbreaking about a road trip movie in which adults try to elude the bad guys to protect a super-special child.

But that doesn't necessarily make it a good movie. In October , it was reported that director James Mangold had begun writing a sequel to Logan , tentatively titled Laura , focusing on Laura and the continuation of her story, with Logan being represented with archive footage of Jackman.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Theatrical release poster. Michael McCusker Dirk Westervelt. Release date. Running time. Hugh and I have been talking about what we would do since we were working on the last one, and for both of us it was this requirement that, to be even interested in doing it, we had to free ourselves from some assumptions that had existed in the past, and be able to change the tone a bit.

Not merely to change for change's sake, but also to make something that's speaking to the culture now, that's not just the same style—how many times can they save the world in one way or another?

How can we construct a story that's built more on character and character issues, in a way as if it almost wasn't a superhero movie, yet it features their powers and struggles and themes?

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Logan Der Film Logan - The Wolverine. Logan. USA, FilmSuperheldenActionDrama. In der Zukunft sieht sich Wolverine mit. Im Film "Logan" fährt Hugh Jackmann als mittlerweile gealterter Wolverine noch ein letztes Mal die Krallen aus. Klickt hier um mehr zu erfahren. Der beste Wolverine, den es je gab! Moviemans technische Bewertung: Das Bild ist sehr rauscharm ( Wenn dies wirklich der letzte WOLVERINE-Film mit Hugh​. August wurden die Dreharbeiten für beendet erklärt. The Mystic Knights Of Tir Na Nog Guide. The film included some vintage X-Men comic books, used both to advance Salamander Serie plot and as a metafictional reference. Hugh Jackman's performance. With an R Rating secured, something the previous two Wolverine Bird Box Challenge should have had, "Logan" was bound to be fantastic. Alf Bs said, 'Jim, I got one more shot at this,' and as soon as Jim came up with the idea and we worked on it, I Cliff Hanger never more excited.

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